Western Boho Chic Ideas for Free Spirit Cowgirls

A relaxed and vivacious boho style combined with a western style is a very extravagant way to express your individuality. In this article, Ardour Fashion store would like to share some tips on how you can mix various boho and western wear and accessories to create a stunning outfit. 

The main characteristic of boho is a careless but elaborate jumble of a wide variety of things, often vintage and handmade ones. Below we have tried to list the main elements of this eclectic style.

As per clothing models, prefer wide, oversized, long garments: sweaters and blouses with wide sleeves (for example, this Women’s Long Cotton and Linen Blouse), loose tops and T-shirts in ethnic style. Skirts are usually either mini or maxi; they are often denim, decorated with lace, or having bright floral prints.

Such materials as fur, velvet, silk, linen are very popular in boho clothing. Fur can be used in both clothes and shoes. Besides, apparel can be decorated with lace, macrame, frills, tassels, fringe, embroidery, beads — whatever you want.

The choice of footwear is quite wide. In addition to cowboy and Indian boots, shoes can be very different: sandals with a high platform, Roman gladiator sandals, lace-up boots and high boots, ankle boots, sandals with beads and much, much more.

Boho accessories are usually voluminous scarves, snoods, and shawls with tassels or fringes. Various headwear is very popular: these are hats with soft, lowered, wavy brims, as well as cowboy and Mexican hats, straw hats, berets, and headscarves in the gypsy or pirate styles.

The gypsy roots of boho style require a lot of jewelry. The choice is endless: long beads, long earrings, including feather earrings, metal and leather jewelry, hippie multilayer bracelets (try this Women’s Multilayer Leather Bracelet), Navajo or Native American style jewelry, and so on.

As for hairstyles, your hair should look sloppy and messy. First of all, these are loose hair, as well as loosely gathered in tails, loosely braided, or pinned into a careless bun. Add decorations for the head and hair in the hippie style or as in the 20s of the twentieth century: numerous headbands, chains (also with beads), flowers.

In the mixture of boho and western, absolutely all elements of western style can be used in boho looks: cowboy and moccasin boots, cowboy and Mexican hats, ponchos, fringe (fringed bags, vests, ponchos, etc.), feathers (feather pendants and earrings, hair ornaments, bag pendants), traditional Indian jewelry and patterns, cowboy belts and bolo ties. There can be different references to the theme of the Wild West: prints depicting Indians and related trappings (feathers, bison, eagles and wolves, bull skulls, wigwams), etc.

So, the classic boho western outfit will be a tunic or a short dress (for example, Women’s Backless Draped Mini Dress), cowboy boots, a fringed western bag and a lot of jewelry.

If you are in search of high-quality boho and western wear and accessories, you can find all that you need here on ardourfashion.com. In our trendy apparel, you will look like a cool Bohemian cowgirl and attract dozens of admiring gazes!

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